About Us

Chemlock was founded by the former Executives and Chemists from 2 of the largest Cobalt, Copper, and Chromium manufacturers in the world.
The strong management team includes Chemical Engineers from M.I.T. and Former VP's from Fortune 1000 Companies, aggregating over 20 years in the metal chemicals and trace minerals industry.

Our core business is divided into two parts:

1) USA-based production of Cobalt Sulfate Monohydrate, Cobalt Sulfate 8% solution, and Selenium blends.
2) Sales team for several large metal-based chemical and trace mineral manufacturing partners located internationally

Our international partnerships span several continents. Here is why these partnerships have been so successful, and will continue to grow in the future:

1) The partnerships are all EXCLUSIVE. That is, we do not buy the same chemical or trace mineral from more than 1 plant (like a traditional trader would), and the plants do not sell to or through any other company besides Chemlock.

2) These MASSIVE plants outsource their sales departments to Chemlock, while Chemlock can exchange its technical expertise and global sales reach for the world's best production in world-class facilities.

Everybody wins, especially the customer.